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She is willing to do what is necessary to preserve these ideals. That is an association between astrological elements and to the Tarot Cards. As one of the most powerful and provocative signs in the zodiac, your card is Death, representing transformation and rebirth. Read more about the High Priestess Tarot card here. Tarot cards that represent the signs are as follows: Aries: Emperor & The Tower; Taurus: The Hierophant; Gemini: The Lovers & The Magician The sign Leo is attributed with that quality. Above her, a giant star hovers over her head, among seven other smaller stars. 1.1 The Star; 1.2 The Fool; 2 Aquarius and the Minor Arcana. Each zodiac sign is linked to one of the Tarot cards in the Major Arcana. Pisces is loving and magical. Taurus - Earth / Spring; Leo - Fire / Summer; Scorpio - Water / Fall; Aquarius - Air / Winter; Mutable Signs of the Zodiac - Kings. These cards, which are among the most powerful of the Tarot Cards, often feature archetypal figures on the surface, that represent the characteristics, qualities and defects of a native and their zodiac sign. Most of these powerful cards have images of archetypal figures that represent the essence of a type of person. They will be more likely to succeed in life if they follow the cycles of nature and use them in their favor to renew intuitive power. Like the Emperor, Aries is courageous, quick-to-action and always there for their loved ones. I began meditating when I was 16 and have meditated on and off my whole life.A few years ago, I was introduced to the teachings of Abraham Hicks and really enjoyed the videos and audio that I found on YouTube.I trust that you will get the answers you need here and if you want me to cover topics that you are interest in, please connect and let me know what topics you would like to hear about.Do you enjoy the information that I provide here on this website?Please consider a donation to help me to bring the best information to you... Are you interested in developing your own psychic ability and clairvoyance. The Tarot Card, The Star depicts the innate optimism of the natives of Aquarius. There is no need to hide it or pretend nothing, but every Gemini native has a dual personality that is well depicted in the Lovers card. It also represents Aries’s ability to handle whatever life throws at them. They value their own truth and strong partnerships with others. Just like the Pope, the people of Taurus are constantly looking for the deepest meaning of things. Knowing which Tarot cards represent which signs of the zodiac can really help to improve your accuracy when giving a Tarot reading, allowing you to give more accurate descriptions of people.Every star sign in Astrology has a corresponding Tarot card in the Major Arcana. The Hermit’s self-sustaining nature is another aspect that describes Virgo. All of the deck is filled with archetypal significance, but … eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'vekkesind_com-mobile-leaderboard-1','ezslot_18',149,'0','0']));Libra is fair, equal, and understanding. Strength shows the even-tempered and relaxed side of Leo. Temperance symbolizes a balance between many things, including masculine and feminine, and humans and nature. However, one thing is certain: thanks to the inner resources available, he will be able to fulfill all his desires. Then making the sum: 12 + 8 + 2 = 22. Just like the figure found on the card, the Aries native tends to use his authority and his analytical powers to help others and to achieve his goals. This card represents your sign's loyalty and ability to … So, the Major Arcana cards are the cards that contain the major, or most important, secrets of the entire deck. They are free spirits, happiest when they aren’t held back by routine or boundaries. Read more about the Temperance Tarot Card here. They are always committed to their work. Do you want to improve your psychic ability and clairvoyance? These are 10 tarot cards that represent the fire signs of the zodiac, Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. To achieve balance, those born under the sign of Libra can leave aside the most irrational emotions and feelings when making decisions. The Fool represents optimism and the excitement of beginning a new journey. Gemini natives, when changing their point of view, are confronted with complicated choices that can also involve their morale. Here's what yours want you to know. What is My Zodiac Sign’s Tarot Card? If you would like to know more about this card, as well as the Minor Arcana that represents Sagittarius, read What Tarot Card Represents Sagittarius.eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'vekkesind_com-narrow-sky-2','ezslot_21',143,'0','0'])); Capricorn is reserved but can be outgoing around people they like or if it serves a greater purpose. This represents Cancer’s ability to communicate and tackle anything that comes in their way. This can make for a strong leader. The Tarot Card associated with their sign is that of the Chariot. Vekke Sind is reader-supported. The natives of Cancer apparently are tender, fragile and loving but careful. I found a great 6 week course where you develop your skills through meditation. If you would like to know more about this card, as well as the Minor Arcana that represent Virgo, read What Tarot Card Represents Virgo. Scorpios readily adjust to what’s going on around themselves and can see things from many perspectives, and Death showcases that. The Hermit is wise and has detached from society in order to better understand themselves and others. The Chariot represents strength and forward movement, as well as success and decisive action. [Relationship Explained], What Tarot Card Represents Leo? These aspects describe Virgo’s intelligent energy. They are known to be very resourceful and understanding, making them a great friend. Further from that, the zodiac signs, Aries, Leo and Sagittarius are associated with the tarot trump cards, the Emperor, Strength and Temperance. This deep understanding of life, love, and the divine makes Gemini very happy. This card represents Aquarius traits of being daydreamers, but also their lightheartedness. See what your Tarot card says about your sign below! Tarot cards are used as a guidance tool, so each Zodiac sign’s Tarot Card works as an expression of our vital energy where you can rely on when you need a north.See below all the Zodiac sign’s Tarot Cards. The Tarot Card associated with the sign of Aries is the Emperor. They have a compassionate nature, and this leads them to help others. Represented by the signs that are in the middle of the season. They also enjoy learning about new people and places, sometimes through traveling. Libra natives have an innate sense of justice. This card also represents Aquarius’s serenity and hope. If you would like to know more about these cards, as well as the Minor Arcana that represents Aquarius, read What Tarot Card Represents Aquarius. Hi there! Each zodiac sign has a group of tarot cards that represent the energy of that zodiac sign. eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'vekkesind_com-leader-2','ezslot_14',137,'0','0']));The Major Arcana cards, The Chariot and The High Priestess, represent this Cancer energy. Aries = The Emperor. Those interested in astrology and Tarot Cards are struck by the similarities between the two systems and cannot escape the temptation to establish a connection between the symbols of astrology and those of Tarot Cards. Here, you can get free horoscope, free daily tarot reading, information about Zodiac Signs and Compatibility under one roof. Aries’ Tarot card is The Emperor. The Major Arcana cards, The High Priestess and The Fool, represent this Pisces energy. Do NOT follow this link or you will be banned from the site! They use their intuition to solve problems, whether it be personal, emotional or working. eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'vekkesind_com-large-mobile-banner-2','ezslot_13',139,'0','0']));Virgo is understanding and knowledgeable about material wealth. The signs of the zodiac and the tarot. If you would like to know more about these cards, as well as the Minor Arcana that represent Gemini, click What Tarot Card Represents Gemini. [Relationship Explained], What Tarot Card Represents Scorpio? How to work with Tarot Cards and zodiac signs? The King of Cups tarot card is used in Cancer as the first character of the elementary tarot group for the position of the character. Also read: What Tarot Card Represents Leo? The Major Arcana cards, The Star and The Fool, represent Aquarius energy. They are also understanding and sincere friends. The Tower represents a sudden and unexpected transformation. Zodiac is divided into four elements (earth, water, fire, and wind) also they have a planet as regent, tarot cards are formed by twenty-two major arcana and astrologically they represent an element and sign. This card shows Libra’s love for themselves and others, as well as how in tune they are with their highest self. An elderly man is depicted on this card, it indicates a person who can retire to their inner world and bring out the best in it. This Tarot encourages them to weigh every decision wisely, even at the cost of accepting compromise and to follow the chosen path without hesitation. Like the Tarot Card with which their sign, Death, is associated, the natives of Scorpio love transformation and continuous renewal. Not only that, they encourage others to do the same, as brave captains who inspire soldiers on the battlefield. The diffuser holds more water than other diffusers and lasts longer. Each card contains an inexhaustible symbolism and lends itself to a whole life of reflections and insights. Justice shows a woman holding the scales of justice, which represents balance, logic, and justice in society. Tarot readers through their explicit skills analyze the cards and enlighten you about the events that are most likely to rule your destiny. The Tarot represents both Aries’ loyalty and its ability to make new friends wherever they are. The Moon is your tarot card for zodiac sign, Pisces. Each zodiac sign describes essential personality traits of those born at a certain time of year. I am a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, Clickbank, and other affiliate networks. His energy is straightforward and aggressive and shows Aries’s ability to take charge of life. He earns all that he has, and this represents Aries energy well.eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'vekkesind_com-box-4','ezslot_3',133,'0','0'])); Read more about the Emperor Tarot Card here. Sagittarius is independent and headstrong. I love my Asakuki Diffuser, I have this going in my living room or my office with either peppermint or lavender. The Tarot Card associated with their zodiac sign is The Moon. Where did Tarot Cards Originate? Most of these powerful cards have images of archetypal figures that represent the essence of a type of person. The Devil represents addiction and our shadow selves. The Zodiac is represented by 12 cards of the Major Arcana. Our Sun sign represents our essence, the one that will guide us from the beginning until the end of our lives. So, we can conclude that each of the Major Arcana connects to a sign, Planet or luminary. If, for example, if the New Moon is in Taurus, you can use the Hierophant card for a New Moon ritual, to set your intentions and soak up the incredible benefits of a lunar cycle on your zodiac sign. By working on them you will have the chance to really dive into the magickal power of the stars and the cards, opening your intuition and to all the infinite possibilities your futures and the universe hold for you. This card represents the more reckless and impulsive side of Aries. eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'vekkesind_com-large-mobile-banner-1','ezslot_10',138,'0','0']));Leo is loyal and charismatic. Maybe you don’t know this but, every month with the New and Full Moon, it happens that these lunar phases are in a specific sign. People born under this first zodiac sign are often the leader using their charms and … Astrology & Tarot cards - Astrology dates back to ancient times, and so does a tarot reading. They attract abundance that ensures self-sustaining growth by looking within themselves and understanding their spirituality. Aries' Tarot Card: The Emperor. I am compensated for referring traffic and business to Amazon and other companies linked from this website but this doesn\'t change my reviews because I want to provide you with my unbiased opinion about the products that I use and recommend to you! The word Arcana means ‘Secret’. The Star represents optimism and generosity. The Justice tarot card in the Major Arcana is associated with the zodiac sign Libra. It may also seem careless or rebellious. This card represents the authoritative, powerful and loyal sensibilities. Use this code “VEKKE50” for a 90 Minute Reading for under $25 and receive 15% off subsequent purchases with the same coupon code. [Relationship Explained], Let’s find out what Tarot Cards represent which zodiac signs, Taurus (April 20-May 20) – The Pope (or Hierophant), Virgo (August 23-September 22) – The Hermit, Libra (September 23-October 22) – Justice, Sagittarius (November 22-December 21) – Temperance, Capricorn (December 22-January 19) – The Devil, Aquarius (January 20-February 18) – The Star. If you would like to know more about this card, as well as the Minor Arcana that represent Taurus, read this article: What Tarot Cards Represent Taurus. If you would like to know more about these cards, as well as the Minor Arcana that represent Aries, read this article: What Tarot Card is Associated with Aries. The Major Arcana cards, The Sun and Strength, represent Leo’s energy. Some cards are representing every one of the zodiac signs. The zodiac signs and tarot cards have a connection, and with the combination of the readings of these both aspects, better predictions can be revealed. Each zodiac sign has a group of tarot cards that represent the energy of that zodiac sign. This quality, which risks making them appear perennial dreamers, also makes them excellent spiritual guides. It depends on my mood. When a native of Virgo decides to abandon the outside world and begin to explore the twists and turns of their inner self, they become pure and innocent as a child. The High Priestess represents mastery of the subconscious forces and understanding of the inner self. It represents the flirty, charming side of Gemini. As for the analogies between astrology and fortune telling, the first thing to note is that the Tarot Cards on the one hand and the zodiacal circle on the other, draw two symbolic maps of the same territory, being the future of the consultant. Tarot Cards and Zodiac Signs. What better card to represent such a morally complicated sign than the card of Temperance (XIV)? They are determined and strive for financial security. This card is pure, untouched by the evils and dangers present in the world. As your sun sign represents your overall characteristics, the same applies to these cards of the tarot which represent your sun sign. The zodiac signs that … The Emperor is the father figure of the tarot deck. The Hermit Tarot card, like the Virgo zodiac sign, is heavily associated with work. I like this option because I can chat with the reader to see what they are like before I choose to have a free reading. The Major Arcana are 22 cards. The Tarot Card associated with their zodiac sign could only be that of Justice. They cannot stand changes, let alone unexpected events, even if they are able to face them with determination. In the Tarot, the suite of Pentacles (or Coins) is associated with the Earth signs of the zodiac: Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. It’s one of those devices of fortune prediction wherein you can skim the good things from the bad, which as a whole are connected to our destiny by some or other ways. Cancer’s warrior attributes are highlighted in the card it relates to in the Tarot, specifically the Major Arcana: The Chariot. The Emperor is a strong leader and knows how to use his charm and power to get what he wants. She rules the sign of Cancer on her own because she is the other luminary in the night sky bright enough, when in her full stage, to illuminate the night with her reflected light. Correct? Gemini is social, charismatic, and is always looking for intellectual conversations. The Moon guides their emotions, which play a fundamental role in the personality of Pisces natives. This card asks Aries to focus on increasing self-discipline in order to maintain dominion over the empire they have built and rule over. Tarot Meaning: authority, structure, stability, control, solid foundation, fatherhood, law and order. This can mean they’re naive, which can sometimes be true for Pisces. As an example, think of the affinity between the symbolism of the Hermit and that of the planet Saturn, both referable to isolation, withdrawal, and detachment. Taurus is strong, noble, and magnetic. This card represents Cancer’s intuition and connection to the divine feminine, as well as their empathic abilities. The Star—the seventeenth card in the Major Arcana—is the tarot card most associated with hope, optimism, and dreams. If you would like to know more about these cards, as well as the Minor Arcana that represent Cancer, read What Tarot Card Represents Cancer. This card shows Capricorn’s tendency towards material attachments or negative habits that may hold them back. Every Star card usually depicts a feminine figure pouring water into a stream and on the ground with pitchers in each hand. Read more about the Devil Tarot card here. Their aim is to convince others that they can do the same. It also has a timer so that I doesn’t run dry. See how Astrology and Tarot can combine to offer powerful advice, then see what your Tarot card says about your sign. The Major Arcana is a 22 card set within the tarot that is considered to be the core and the foundation for the deck. Taurus learns to see the world in this manner as they begin to understand lessons shown to them through earning wealth. To do this they rely on their roots and the traditions they harbor in their soul. As you already know, I'm a passionate tarot reader, and I love every single piece of it! Which Tarot Sign Matches My Zodiac Sign?

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