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Along with that my vitamin d and iron levels are low. 1. have social issues, such as not being able to make friends, being around large group of people(strangers), etc. I’m only 16, Iv’e been for so many doctors appointments and it’s been labeled “anxiety” over and over again. anyway, i love you all and really appreciate the information everyone has contributed here! Hello, my name is Manuel I am 24 years old and I have been experiencing this floaty feeling for the last 3 months. Just asking because I have dpdr and I get this floating feeling and it causes my anxiety to be worse. Check out the sub, just joined it and had my first conscious experience last night, it was amazing. I am pretty sure meditation will reduce my anxiety. Looking up at the stars. Fortunately, I rarely have to take them anymore. It’s their own leg. I can live my life normally as life is literally just activities lined up one after the other. However, as I’ve been engaging in techniques to relax my muscles, along with exercise (I have been very sedentary, and sometimes stayed in bed for LONG periods, for a lot of this time), the floating sensation seems to be increasing or progressing (or maybe correcting?) In contemporary interior design and architecture, modern homes and interiors are being designed as simple and as clean as possible featuring well defined lines in an open space. Was kind of my balance system being totally messed up, so I would not be able to stand with eyes closed or I would fall. Any thoughts on this? Sending love to everyone! Hi Reena, My heart goes out to your father. (fairly frequent) I couldn't move and my eyes were closed and i felt like i was floating as usual. Don’t give into the fears. We've summarized some of the most common scenarios and symbols in the table above, but now let's take a closer look. my family is still supporting me. They can look at brain chemestry and really dig down to why you are feeling these crazy sensations. We all know who horrific this sensation is and how much it makes our world smaller. The worst part is, now I couldn’t even lie down since it feels like someone is rocking my bed, just like being on a water bed. I also get it when I tilt my head back or lying down and moving my head left or right in these positions. But depression can cause this feeling too, Hello However, what about the conclusion? This morning I suffered a panic attack on the bus commute to work and my imbalance made me think I’ll fall off my feet any second. Everything turned out fine. Ray. The most common answer found in the comments on this post is anxiety. Forcing myself to go experience the outdoors and look at the sky might help, I’ve been trying to do that. Yes, I am a big fan Madhu. Another time I was on a 2-lane road and a truck in the opposing lane coming towards me started to drift onto my side of the road and I almost ended up in the ditch to avoid him. Do you find when your anxiety calms down it’s hardly noticeable? YES! It means it’s for now. Lightheadedness or feeling faint 3. It feels like you are a buoy in the water; sometimes the water has light ripples and the buoy moves up and down, side to side at a slow constant pace, and sometimes it is stormy and the buoy is thrown about in all directions. It was almost like I was split in two. Probably sleep paralysis. I found myself leaning or holding myself up in fear I would loose my balance. Thank you for commenting and letting us know what worked for you. What do we all have in common besides a waving head? Last week I had felt better, but the insane weather this week has made the symptoms so much worse. I’ve been dealing with this for 5 months and it’s pretty much constant but certain days are worse. He looks like a reptilian. – Take a walk every day. I wonder what is causing anxiety, cause and effect, causation. Just wanted to say I also have this weird floating, drunken, drugged, off balance feeling. lol god help us. It isn’t a magic bullet though. But I just wanted to ask, do any of you feel like you are going to faint with this feeling? Mornings are the hardest for me as I dont know whats going to come in the day but i have to push through it. it’s come to a point where I am afraid to even go out of the house having fear of seeing the world spinning in my head. I also have had, at one time, the “weird” sensations that you have reported. I have ticks in different areas of my body including my head, eyes, mouth, fingers, hands, legs, etc. They thought it was my heart at first…. I think your medication just showed your body that it can scare you more than you thought. Equate Nasal Spray, thats it. I am still looking for the answers to resolve it. You know what is best for you. It’s amazing to me how you have learned to adjust to the feeling. Meanwhile, I had also asked to see a psychiatrist because I was beginning to feel more anxiety and feeling like this is contributing to my floating. The floating sensation has gotten better–I have learned to desensitize myself to it–but it has never gone away. Other than that, look at the shape of the world right now, psychos are running the show, this can’t help, I studied the psycho for two years online, I read everything and %50 or so of the population are psychos, (a simple brain scan will show signs) yet this is another subject so I’ll leave by saying I hope your spinning/floating goes away : ). It may have distracted me from my worries. If anyone else is in that same boat now just keep your head up and try your best to focus on the present, it’ll all be okay. Stay strong. He thinks that his sternum is changing shape and size many times during the day. If you need the information contact me. I sometimes get like brain zaps.. like zzzzzzzzzzzzz.. in my head and then it passes. This happened to me as I started meditation practice, well before Kundalini even showed herself as a glimmer. (4) Do you still feel imbalanced during stressfull and anxiety situations or ur doing fine even in anxiety situations. I also have a big fear of serious illness so obviously when this started I immediately thought the worst ( tumours, cancer ) and right now I can’t go to the doctor since I’m my Nans main carer. These similarities are fascinating, and it is a somewhat bittersweet comfort to discover them. After that, I was able to determine how I could live with it and work towards resolving it (still in progress). It felt like still being on the boat and going up and down like on the waves. Do you think those thoughts are more anxiety related? The typical response I receive when I tell people I’m floating is they think that must be fun… like a good acid trip or something. So when I feel I cannot cope and cannot fight my way out, I was to flee. I dont really have any other symptoms with this off balance feeling. All you’re feelings around this sensation are valid Brittany because it is a horrific experience. The trick is to train your body and mind to recognize it as not a threat and I did that with the exercises I described in my post above. Hi Eden. I do have some food sensitivities (though these were determined by me and I was never tested) and I went 8 years without eating grains or any form of sugar other than raw unpastuerized honey. Make sure it is with someone you trust, that they allow you to dictate how fast or slow you want to proceed, and give yourself time between appointments (if I am not doing the energy work myself but with a practitioner, I usually go two weeks) so you can process and see where you are at. She honestly looked at me like I was just nuts or something, which really pissed me off. Not the other way around. Cameron, I am so sorry that you are experiencing this to that kind of extreme. I’m not cured of it yet but some things help prevent it happening. – cervical spine MRI (showed a small spinal cyst but nothing to cause dizziness) I consulted my cardiologist at the time who thought it was related to my bp medicine so we tried out a few others, but this did not impact the sensation. Thank you!!! It’s not the spinning type of vertigo but the rocking/floating type…like we are on an elevator when it stops, or like we are on a small boat with small waves under it..like we feel our body is moving but it’s not…all this started when I spent many weeks in front of my computer with a very bad posture (head forward). Also lavender baths and scents. Thanks! As i grew older, the frequency of migraines subside from 3 times a week to maybe once a month. The odd time eating dinner outside it doesn’t bother me as much. This lessened the intensity of the floating and reduced my anxiety and stress significantly. I googled the cream. When i held my girlfriends hand the other day it felt like i was holding a quarter. You do not know how short or long you will have it. I feel that to heal, I do need to release the energy and body memory that occurred at the time of the trauma (bad mind trip and the mental and physical outcomes) and I am going about that doing EFT with a certified practitioner. Wish I hadn’t been on that little old plane. Also, I know this sounds goofy, but i tried this, if I stand and i rock back and forth while im standing, it seems to also make the symptoms subside hahaha. I was trying to help you. I started googling people with floating feelings and shockingly I got many results. I know that you can do this. i really feel alone. The more information you gather, the more you understand the sensation and what may be at the root of causing it. But I also have no idea why it happened. So with each comment I realize again I am not alone in this. It will help take the edge off your fear of dying. It is my understanding that benzo’s do stop working over time and thus you need to increase the dose and thus supporting the fact they are addictive. I’ve learned to ignore it as much as possible (which seems impossible but it can be done. I was swaying in the chair, on my feet , and walking. We all have our skeletons. I encourage everyone to desensitize to the sensation so they might adapt and accept it. Thank you for commenting and I’m so glad that this post provided you comfort and connection. – I wanted to and did tell doctors I was dizzy, but I don’t consider this as dizziness, the room has never spun! We’ll see if I’m right! Of course you are probably very hyper-vigilant to the sensation and that makes it feel even more intense. The intensity of this tension effects the intensity of my floating and vice versa. Nasal spray, stress, airplanes, boat rides, intense weed paranoia, alien abductions. This happened to me, and although I think anxiety was a factor, I ended up being treated for Meniere’s disease. My wife is having these same feelings and we tried everything,, Then I got pregnant not long after that. take ibuprofen or aspirin – this can make indigestion worse. And as I said before, the ear problems trick you into thinking its anxiety because its cause messages to the brain to be misinterpreted. I constantly feel off balance. I have abstained from alcohol since it started (mainly due to 1) already feeling trippy and 2) meds) until just recently. The strange thing is I only feel unbalanced when I walk in a smaller space but if I go for awalk on the beach I walk fine. Hum…. Yes, I would say it is the same thing I experience–though I am not a professional and encourage you to seek medical analysis if you have not already. Not only does it happen with one mattress, it happens with them all! Some have been able to manage it by going on anti-anxiety and for some, the anti-anxiety makes it worse. He says it maybe GERD that’s causing my anxiety/floating. Floating bed designs are rather special, they evoke a feeling of superiority, they seem to flow above the floor emphasizing the feel of space allowing air to pass through the room easier. You may want to consider an anti-anxiety; some find it helpful and others do not but that is your decision to make. By writing this post and keeping up with these comments, I am trying to shorten the learning curve for those who resonate with the idea of trying to being okay with it in the moment and to reduce their anxiety re having the sensation. I have been on a boat/ship only a handful of times but that’s how you feel when you step off. But what I came across, when I checked the internet for floating anxiety, is that a lot of findings statet that floatation therapy (floating on salt water, e.g. Thank you again for taking the time to comment. This all started 5 years ago for me after a traumatic experience.Did all the tests etc, went crazy thinking I had some disease. A few days later, the floating showed up and stayed put. My Dr said it was “áll in my head…just stress” so unhelpful. And now that I feel more stable, deep thoughts are no longer the primary trigger, instead, it’s simply looking at the sky. I’ve been feeling this for the past week or so and I’ve been terrified. Hey I send you request before a month and I did not get answer from you,also I was texted you at facebook, Hey what’s your Facebook profile look like? And it does affect EVERY facet of your life. Today I am not seeing a psychologist anymore (who helped me GREATLY with my generalised anxiety/the balance) and I am now off the SSRIS. The main reason I wrote this article is because at the time, I couldn’t find anything on the internet about what I was experiencing and I wanted to find others who were going through the same thing. What makes some of us succumb to our own brains, letting it take over our physical body as well as our lives? I dropped my one slipper under the couch, while trying to get it with my head down, I went into a total spin. But there is one complete difference: people that have been on these flights mostly like them and do not want them to go away (which accounts for me as well, these flights are – as weird as it sounds – a lot of fun to most participants). I don’t like the idea of not being able to do things with my husband. As Trish has mentioned, you are the one in charge of your body and you must pay attention to what triggers these sensations and symptoms, as this is the most important for a proper diagnosis. This comment is from Judy: This is a syndrome that happens to very few people. So you think if I would to vestibular therapy or standing on one leg it wouldn’t help because it’s not our balance system the cause? I know what you mean about the high ceilings and looking up. It is the most out of control I have ever felt. Yoon-Hee Cha, MD - Medically reviewed by. – I’ve seen an ENT As in grounded? Thank you so much for keeping us updated. Just “neutral”. I’m sorry that you’re going through this… it is so very frightening. I truly mean that; I look back now and can see what courage it takes to live with something like this. I’d also tell them you’re anxious about the tests and tell them if there is anything you need from them for you to be comfortable. So I quit my job and 2 weeks later I had another episode and that was the last one for many years. I’ve been through many rough times in my life but, this has got to be the worst. I went back to the ENT that did my surgery, to ask, if there is any link between the surgery/medications used during and after surgery etc. Last year i bought a house but before i bought it i started getting stressed out because of the mortgage n other bills,so once again it came back..so now i have it again..thank God i still work an am kind of use to it but the feelings are awful.. resting helps alot an trying to focus on other things helps also.i know its hard but just try to keep busy,it works for me.i love motorcycles n i ride em an dont plan to leave em either.i have FAITH that all this will pass with time..we have to be patient n try to relax.when i go threw this i notice my neck also feels stiff.ive had bad episodes that leaves me in bed for days,i get it so bad i can’t walk.Ive also started acupuncture 2 times a week and that has been working a lil,remember its a slow process to recovery.Another thing that helps alot is church,i try to keep my mind busy..like all you ive been three many doctors n nothing.but one thing they did find that causes me to have all these mixed emotions,i have low testosterone.im taking the shot to help me on that an also am taking natural medicine to help my floating n balance problem..the worst is when i walk i feel like the floor goes down,like an elevator. I have had symptoms for about 3 years, (sensation of rocking, bobbing, floating, feeling of walking on a mattress, numbness and tingling in hands and feet, intense sensation of strong booming heart beat, head fog, difficulty walking in the dark, among others). Needless to say I’m still quite freaked out about my episode and hoping this is what happened. I noticed the floating sensations after riding a roller-coaster months back. The next day I was more What I have learned over the years is that for me, it is a result of spiritual crisis/emergency and that anxiety is something that makes it worse, it makes anxiety worse, and that creates a viscous cycle. I would consider looking into a parasite infection but DO NOT go through your doctor for this test. He did a heart test and took lots of blood work. Like looking into the Medical Medium which will give you a different perspective from the conventional.

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