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Nick first encounters Kenny hiding in the Big Buck Construction Site. Edit. Judging by his comments about his mother, it's suggested that he's desperate for her approval due to living in her basement and playing video games. Type of Villain Alias Category page. 20,000 (Time for a Hero), Kenny "Kick" Dermot is a survivor and psychopath in Dead Rising 3. If Nick attacks Kenny enough after the battle, Kenny will defect. Afterwards, Nick will tell Kenny about creating comb… Looters | Paul Carson | Dead Rising Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Harry "Zhi" Wong | He (like most people during a zombie outbreak) is a bit overwhelmed by … Full Name Kenny Dermot He is one of the two main antagonists of the video games Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising 2: Off the Record, a minor antagonist in Dead Rising 2: Case West and a minor character in the comic book mini-series Dead Rising… Gas Zombies | He initially is wowed, and envied by Nick's capabilities, but that soon turns to murderous envy when he decides to try going after Nick later on. Ass Pull: Isabela's reveal as the Man Behind the Man, which is a total contradiction of her previous characterization as The Atoner; Author's Saving Throw: Super Ultra Dead Rising 3 Arcade Remix Hyper Edition EX plus Alpha was meant to be a return to the colorful, arcady feel of the previous two, as well as a Self-Parody of Dead Rising, and Capcom's own infamous practice. He can also make a swift dodge backwards. However, like Paul Carson and Bibi Love in previous games, Nick has the option of saving Kenny's life and recruiting him as a survivor and ally (Kenny remorsefully pledging that he'll be Nick's sidekick). Attempted murderKidnapping This is a nod to the game, He may also say, "There can be only one," during the battle, which is a reference to the movie ", He will also sometimes reference the "Jill Sandwich" meme from, He will also sometimes say, "It's clobbering time!" Kenny is provoked by reminders of his vulnerability, such as his tendency to be a copycat.[2]. Dead Rising 3. Bibi Love | Russell Barnaby, Dead Rising 2 Dead Rising 3. Mission(s) Nick finds a young survivor named Kenny Dermot cowering on a rooftop at the Big Buck Construction Site. For Dead Rising 3 on the Xbox One, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "kenny?? While Big D can also defect, it's simply mission scripting, making Kenny the only survivor who can properly defect. Nick offers him words of encouragement, but Kenny still believes that he's useless. Occupation Classic editor History Talk (0) Template:Speculation. At 50% health, Kenny gains a charge attack where he runs towards you, slides on his knees and swings his Junk Ball. Survivor(s) He can do a unique spin attack, which lets him spin his Junk Ball around three times, sending away projectiles in different angles. Mercenaries | Reward: 40,000 PP + Followers (Kenny + Regina) + Schematic (Junk Ball) Attacks: Ball swing - Kenny will swipe his junk ball at Nick. They manage to work together to escape, before running into another survivor, Dick Baker, and the three attempt to leave the city. While initially distrusting of Nick, Red grows to accept him as an ally after the latter does several tasks for him. On your way to the hangar / warehouse in chapter 03, find Kenny wailing on top of … Kenny may also throw his Junk ball which will cause substantial damage, it will disappear right after leaving Kenny with nothing but a Large Wrench until he can make another one. Dwight Boykin | He meets a young woman named Annie, who he believes at first to be another customer. If Nick/Dick attempt to grab Kenny when he's not vulnerable, Kenny will dropkick him. You will also get the blueprint for the Junk Ball. Out of all of them, he is the only one who can be equipped with his signature weapon as a party member. Anything and everything is a weapon in Dead Rising 3. His surname "Dermot" ironically means "free of envy" in Celtic languages. This is when they realiz… Become a better zombie killer than Nick Ramos, Earn Nick Ramos respect.Kill Nick Ramos.Survive the zombie apocalypse. - worth 25 Gamerscore. Phenotrans, Dead Rising 2: Case West Nick offers him words of encouragement, but Kenny still believes that he's useless. 22:45 i have a nack for getting my survivors killed thanks for the list . XBOX ONE Dead Rising 3 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 47 includes Chapter 7: A Price for Everything of the Story Mode for Xbox One in 1080p HD. Leon Bell | While initially attempting to flirt with her, he soon realizes that she is actually stealing the car, and chases after her. 10 SEP 2014 a las 22:45 i have a nack for getting my survivors killed thanks for the list . ?help". Envious achievement in Dead Rising 3: Kenny defeated! General Hemlock is the Secretary of Defense of the United States of America, leads comment of the army and the air-force, and is the leader of the ZDC, a anti-zombie agency. He appears to be wearing a headset similar to the wired Xbox 360 headset but it seems to have no wire. Adam Kane | Tyrone King, better known as TK, is a major antagonist in Dead Rising. Kenny is becoming envious of Nick's reputation of being a 'hero'. After Kenny is defeated, he stumbles and is suddenly being swarmed by zombies. Roger Withers | Marian Mallon, Dead Rising 2: Off the Record Dead Rising 3. Spider, Dead Rising 4 Albert Contiello | Welcome to the After Party. Origin ", a direct reference to the, When Kenny loses his weapon, he will shout, "No, my precious!" Ghost Panther Inc. Sep 13, 2014 @ 3:16pm Posse members What's your opinion on who are the best posse members < > Showing 1-9 of 9 comments . Become a better zombie killer than Nick Ramos, Earn Nick Ramos respect. Harjit Singh | But before he can, they are both swarmed by a sudden horde of zombies. Badass Mustache: In Dead Rising 4, he's grown out a bushy mustache. Chuck Greene | Raymond Sullivan | However this may have been an attempt to copy nicks phone to Jamie Flynt by making it wireless to make it look better than Nick's. Isabela Keyes | Even though he's only supposed to embody the sin of Envy, Kenny also embodies Pride in a way (when that's supposed to be. The Envious achievement will unlock after he is defeated. He initially is wowed, and envied by Nick's capabilities, but that soon turns to murderous envy when he decides to try going after Nick later on. Health Theodore Lagerfeld Jr. | Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Objective: Talk to Kenny . Kenny can also launch away projectiles from the Junk Ball, with an accuracy that can easily be evaded by moving sideways. After Diego recognizes him, however, the two reunite. Sean Keanan | Drugs Are Bad: Parodied in Super Ultra Dead Rising 3 Arcade Remix Hyper Edition EX plus Alpha, where he tells players in the opening that "winners get chipped." True Eye | Kenny then praises Nick for his abilities, and starts to feel better about himself as well. This Dead Rising 3 Gameplay Walkthrough will also include a Review, all Psychopaths, Weapons, Cutscenes and the Ending. TK's Associate and Bodyguards | Unfortunately, his methods require testing which leads him to taking an unfortunate woman as a hostage to use as zombie bait. Diego meets Nick on the Los Perdidos Bridge during Chapter 2. Hunters (Deetz Hartman | Johnny James | Earl Flaherty | Derrick Duggan |) Jo Slade | While using the Kinect, you can taunt him by saying "Copycat". Kenny can also do a vertical slam against the ground. Evil-doer Kenny Dermot | Cliff Hudson | Ten years have passed since the Fortune City outbreak. Hilde Schmittendorf | Despite antagonizing Nick for being "the hero", Kenny is wowed by Nick's capabilities. Nick confronts him about this, only to be brushed off when Kenny, now declaring himself to be "Kick", declares that he'll be the hero for once instead of Nick. Hunter Thibodeaux | When Nick tries to argue about it, Kenny also mentions that he can also create combo weapons, then creates his own. Tyrone King | https://deadrising.fandom.com/wiki/Kenny_Dermot?oldid=397046. Kill Nick Ramos.Survive the zombie apocalypse. His main goal is to kill the president, vice president, and everyone else that tries to stand in his way to become president so he can start a plot to either infect or contaminate the area around other powerful leaders so he can overthrow them.At the start of the game, he, along with Hilde(who looks after the safety of everyone in the city), is seen deliveri… The doctor is in. Psychopath Current track: Dead Rising 3 [Soundtrack] - 04. Seymour Redding | He'll ask Nick to kill five zombies unarmed, to show his strength. Kenny is panicking, as he was not able to save anybody because he is too weak. He apologizes to Nick and wants to be his sidekick. He and his unit were supposed to protect the President, but when things got overwhelming, Diego ran away. Dead Rising 3 > General Discussions > Topic Details. Big Buck Construction SiteCrystal of the Sea He appears to have developed Hero Syndrome in "Single White Male", which is a disorder where a person creates dangerous situations in order to save someone and to be seen as a hero. Reed Wallbeck | This will knock back Nick if … Darlene Fleischermacher | Ironically, despite him deriding himself as useless, he is one of the most useful posse members in, The title of his mission "Single White Male" is a reference to the title and plot of the movie. Regina Thompson The female survivor he's holding captive even makes snarky remarks towards him. Special Forces | Stay a little out of range to avoid this attack (or just keep moving). Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. With a Combo Weapon designed a ball of barbed wire that can fling a seemingly infinite amount of saw blades (referred to in-game as a "Junk Ball"), Kenny charges Nick and attempts to kill him so he can assume Nick's heroic role. Alive (Canon) Grim Gobbler | Kenny explains that he has changed his appearance and made a new nickname for himself, Kick. In his equipment he carries a Pie, a Coffee Creamer, a Well Done Steak and a Sword. All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos News Guides Reviews ... Kenny Dermont Regina Thompson Adam Daley #3. Music/Song from Dead Rising 3 Kenny Dermot Boss Psychopath battle/fight theme.Artist/Composer: Sascha DikiciyanSong name: 04. Convicts | Reward: 20,000 PP . Dead Rising 3. [1], While unassuming in appearance, Kenny has clinical signs of mania and aggression masked by his overwhelming desire for approval. Carlito Keyes | Brent "Slappy" Ernst | Before the outbreak begins, Nick is driving a car to a customer for his job at Wrench O' Rama. Survivor mission (Kenny - South Almuda): Investigate the construction yard . Released November 22, 2013, the game has the play pitted against THOUSANDS of the undead … If Nick/Dick crafts one during his fight, Kenny will become even more jealous, leaving him vulnerable to attack. Sgt. Ronald "Red" Jackson | Funny / Dead Rising 3 Go To ... Kenny's pathetic attempt at trying to imitate Nick by dressing like him, using a similar name, and making a combo weapon, which is really just a ball of sharp objects stuck together. Kenneth Dermot Time for a HeroSingle White Male Explore the zombie-infested city of Los Perdidos, and find a way to escape before a military strike wipes the entire city, and everyone in it, off the map. Status Kenny yells at Nick, exclaiming Nick had ruined his "stunt". Out of the Psychopaths that embody the Seven Deadly Sins; Kenny embodies Envy. JunkballLarge WrenchBrute StrengthHigh DurabilityFighting Skills Kenny Dermot is described as a 'fanboy' of Nick Ramos. He is one of seven psychopaths who embody the Seven Deadly Sins. Stacey Forsythe, Dead Rising 3 Jherii Gallo | He tells Nick about an aer… Co-Op (Dead Rising 3) Zombie Defense and Control; ... DRW Kenny Dernot; DRW Keyboard (Dead Rising 3) DRW Knife Gloves (Dead Rising 3) DRW Laptop; DRW Large Wrench (Dead Rising 3) Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Brandon Whittaker | He was voiced by Arif S. Kinchen. Among Nick's allies in The Illegals, Annie's ex-boyfriend, a man named Ronald "Red" Jackson, leads the group under a stated "realist" philosophy in Dead Rising 3. Kenny's weakness can be exploited by crafting a combo weapon. Sep 10, 2014 @ 10:45pm i have a nack for getting my survivors killed thanks for the list . Hobby It is made using an outdoor trash can and a garbage bag. Diego tells Nick about the museum that he and his squad held out in. Voice actor Sandra | Dead Rising 3 is the third game (not counting spinoffs like Case Zero and Off The Record) in Capcom's Dead Rising series, released on November 22nd, 2013. PP Kenny's sin is Envy. He initially is wowed, and envied by Nick's capabilities, but that soon turns to murderous envy when he decides to try going after Nick later on. Brock Mason | The blueprints are obtained after completing the side mission Single White Male. Afterwards, Nick will tell Kenny about creating combo weapons, and Nick will have to build one as a demonstration. Sadistic Claus | He feels a tremendous amount of guilt for abandoning his duties. Envying Nick Ramos.Killing zombies. Envy is named after one of the Seven Deadly Sins.. Gallery Edit Since Big D defects due to mission scripting, Kenny is the only survivor in Dead Rising 3 who can properly defect. Kenny will be on one of the small buildings in the construction yard. Nick manages to reassure him by meeting Kenny's challenge of killing five zombies with weaponless techniques and building a Combo Weapon in front of him. 10. sep. 2014 kl. Him being fought on the Crystal of the Sea, a boat, might be a reference to the biblical demon Leviathan, which is said to be the demon of Envy and is usually depicted as a giant sea monster. He is the only "rival" type Psychopath to not have the same occupation as the protagonist, in contrast to. Kenneth "Kenny" Dermot, also known briefly as "Kick", is one of the optional Psychopaths appearing in Dead Rising 3. Alt Diskussioner Skærmbilleder Illustrationer Broadcasts Videoer Nyheder Guider Anmeldelser ... Kenny Dermont Regina Thompson Adam Daley #3. Theodore Lagerfeld Jr., is one of the psychopaths that Nick encounters in the video game; Dead Rising 3. The doctor is in. Nick first encounters Kenny hiding in the Big Buck Construction Site. Ted Smith | He even goes so far as to dress himself in a mechanic's outfit, and writes his new nickname on the name tag, Kick, which rhymes with Nick; something Nick himself points out. During his battle, he often references games and movies: "One vision, one purpose!"

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