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The green gemstones are also found in Peru. The varieties of gemstones occur in green, red, yellow, and orange shades. Moonstone was traditionally the birthstone for the month of August, but was designated as the modern birthstone for June in the Western calendar. While commonly yellow, ambers also occur as green crystals, beside red and blue. Spessartine is found in a variety of orange colors, while andradite comes in yellow and yellowish green. There exist other green gemstones of the spodumene mineral not colored by chromium, and therefore not considered true hiddenite. Pearl is the modern birthstone for the month of June in the US. Beside red, yellow and black, zircons also occur as green stones. The green gems are attractively bright and transparent. The green semi-precious stones are composed of several minerals, including jadeite and albite feldspar, hence the other name of the green gemstones, jade-albite. From Gilgit, Gilgit District, Northern Areas, Pakistan. While commonly used to make fertilizer, apatite is a phosphate mineral that produces rocks of gem quality, usually occurring as green crystals, though yellow and blue are also available. Where the pink orthoclase is absent from the green semi-precious stones, the mineral is simply called epidosite. The name emerald comes from the Greek smaragdos, which literally means “green gem.” The precious green stones are prone to inclusions, as well as surface fissures. The green rocks are opaque to translucent, the latter being rare and accordingly expensive. The transparent green gemstones of the apatite mineral are called asparagus stone. The green stones are very rare, and accordingly more expensive. Andalusite is an aluminum-bearing mineral that was named after the province of Andalusia in Spain, where the stone was first discovered. Green gemstones have a lot of stories related to love, stability, and self-confidence. Color: Purple, Pale lavender to deep reddish purple, bluish violet. Gaspeite consists of extremely rare green rocks that contain nickel. Color-changing varieties of garnet also exist. Most of the semi-precious green stones come from India. ​​Highly priced. See also Moss Agate: Stone of Friendship. Garnets are also the traditional birthstone for January and the official gemstone of New York. Like yellow spinels, the green gemstones are also quite rare, and hence only mostly availed of as collector’s pieces. While other tektites are black, moldavite is composed of light green gemstones that are translucent in clarity. The green semi-precious stones were the traditional birthstone for the month of March along with bloodstone. Do you know the different green gemstones? Peridot is the modern birthstone for the month of August in the Western calendar. Photo: Wittig Minerals   Forget rubies, garnets and sapphires. Though popularly known for their white variety, pearls are also available as black, yellow and green stones. The green gems range in color from dark green to olive green. Photo: mardani Fine Minerals, Rough and cut Spessartite Garnet. from Jeffrey Mine Asbestos, Quebec Canada, Garnet Group: The Colors and Varieties of Garnet, Geologists Discover Origin of Earth's Mysterious Black Diamonds, Diamonds in Earth's oldest zircons are nothing but laboratory contamination, Earth's Center Is 1,000 Degrees Hotter Than Previously Thought, Cracking the Secrets of Old Faithful's Geyser Eggs, Why Fluorite Comes in Different Colors? ​Excellent brilliance. Demantoid garnets have characteristic inclusions that look like horsetails. - Wife's Choice A close cousin of labradorite that varies only slightly in terms of chemical composition is andesine, which also occurs as green gems. Chalcedony may also be colored green with chromium, instead of nickel, but the green semi-precious stones would be called, not chrysoprase, but chrome chalcedony, which is found in Zimbabwe. Beside white, yellow and blue, smithsonite also occurs as green stones. Grossular, the most varicolored form of Garnet, has the important gem variety of green Tsavorite, as well as orange-brown Hessonite and a yellow to yellow-green form. There are also solid solution series between most of the garnet minerals. Gorgeous Green uvarovite crystals on chromite matrix from Ural, Russia. Photo: R. Tanaka, Spessartite (manganese aluminum silicate). A tourmaline that is green on one end and pink on the other is called watermelon tourmaline. The green gemstones were named after the mineralogist James Smithson, who first identified the mineral in 1802. Beside black, red (rubellites) and yellow, tourmalines also occur as green stones. ​Rare gemstone. See also Jade: Stone of Fortune. Many varieties of garnet can be found in the United States and are a popular gemstone for jewelry makers. Besides the green gemstones in the list above and the other, more precious green stones, there are still other green stones that exist, including fluorapophyllite, pargasite and ludlamite. Industrial uses. You are likely familiar with garnet being some shade of red, but garnet actually comes in a variety of colors. Jadeite is the most expensive variety of jade stones, and is most popularly known to occur as green stones of various shades, the most valuable being the translucent and intensely green gemstones. Beside blue and yellow, labradorite also occurs as green stones. Most of the green gems come from Australia. Moldavite consists, in a manner of speaking, of alien green crystals, coming from outer space. The following blends are considered to be varieties of garnet and not sub-varieties of the above species. The green precious stones are a result of irradiation of pure diamonds. Beside red, yellow and black, garnets also occur as green stones. Due to their chromium content, both fuchsite and maripolite are available as green gemstones. Seraphinite consists of green rocks that are distinguished for the resemblance of their groves to feathers. While also found in red, yellow and black, jasper is most popularly known in ancient times as green gemstones, often compared with emerald. Mali garnets are also unique because they are a hybrid of two different garnet species: grossular and andradite. Green gems give your look that flashy yet organic glint, fancy as blue, but earthy as red and yellow. It has a strong power to fulfill your mind deeply and make your mind stable. Fluorite, also known as fluorspar, is a brilliant mineral from which the word fluorescent was derived. Mali garnets have a beautifully unique color, which can range from a golden to chartreuse yellow, brownish green, or rarely, a mint or chrome green. Green gems range in color from the bluish-green of emerald to the chrome green of tsavorite garnet and chrome tourmaine to the apple-green of peridot and the yellowish-green of sphene and chrysoberyl. The green Demantoid variety is a rare and valuable form of Garnet.The original deposits of Demantoid were from Russia, and these types of Demantoid almost always contains inclusions of asbestos, which are known as horsetail inclusions.Large gemstones of Demantoid, which display a brilliant luster and fire are extremely rare and can be very valuable. Along with pearl and moonstone, alexandrite is the modern birthstone for the month of June in the US. It is considered that the light (yellow) and the water (aqua blue) get mixed to make the plants (green). Beside yellow and red, sphene also occurs as green gemstones, usually with yellow undertone. … It helps to think of the different types of garnets in terms of color. The green gemstones come from California, USA, and Pakistan. If you would rather see the prettiest, see also the 10 Most Beautiful Green Gemstones. The green semi-precious stones are a bright green, almost like neon, and may be glassy to dull in luster. Amethyst. Tsavorite garnet is the green variety of the grossular group of garnets, with trace elements of vanadium or chromium providing its color. Aventurine is quartz like citrine, chalcedony and tiger’s eye, but is most commonly available as green gemstones, though yellow, white and blue are also available. The green gems have a glassy to dull luster. The green semi-precious stones were named after the Amazon River, from which early specimens were supposedly obtained. The green gemstones are rare, with limited supply coming from Russia, the US, Madagascar and Brazil. For example, Green Grossular has a different color than orange Hessonite; Hessonite doesn’t share the same colors or brilliance with Mali Garnet; and Mali Garnet doesn’t have the high refractive index and magnetic susceptibility of Demantoid or brown Andradite. Grossular garnet also produces green rocks, while uvarovite, one of the rarest garnet species, are beautiful and consistently green gems. The green semi-precious stones display a rich brilliance, which may be striped with white. It is also known as “Crocodile Jasper”. Another highly valuable variety of the green jewels is chrome tourmaline, which is richly green due to the presence of chromium. Light green pearls are produced by Japan’s Akoya oysters, while the dark green gemstones come from the black pearl oyster, whose pearls are not necessarily black, but may also be shades of green and blue. Of the several varieties of diamonds, the green gems are less rare than red and black, but less common than yellow and white. According the whether the Y or the X component in the chemical composition of the species is constant, we can divide the members of the garnet family into two groups. The green semi-precious stones are more expensive when they have fossil inclusions. Sphalerite is the main ore of zinc. Nephrites are translucent to opaque, with the shades of the green gemstones varying from light to dark green. Within the 6 types of Garnets (Andradite, Grossular, Uvarovite, Pyrope, Almandite, Spessartite) only Grossular, Andradite, and Uvarovite can be seen as green. The green semi-precious stones are rather rare. It is Connecticut’s state mineral, New York’s gemstone, and Idaho’s state gemstone is the star garnet (garnet with rutile asterisms). Perfectly smooth and transparent pieces of the green precious stones, which are very hard to come by, are indeed quite valuable. Like aventurine, prasiolite — also called vermarine or just green quartz — is a variety of quartz that occurs as green crystals. The green stones are found in the US State of Oregon and Norway. Green fire against white background is the most common of the precious opals; green against black body tone is much more valuable. Being a product of extraterrestrial activity, the green semiprecious stones are in quite limited supply, and may be very nearly exhausted from the ground. The green stones are likewise the birthstone of the zodiac sign Aries. Moonstone is feldspar like orthoclase, as well as labradorite, andesine, sunstone and oligoclase. Alexandrite is a color-changing variety of chrysoberyl. Garnets are a set of closely related minerals that form a group, resulting in gemstones in almost every color. Beside white, black, red and yellow, precious opal also occurs as green stones, or white/black stones that display a play of color involving green. Labradorite is feldspar mineral like sunstone and oligoclase, as well as moonstone and orthoclase. Exclusively green stones, emeralds are part of a group of minerals called beryl, which is also available in yellow, black and red. Here is a list of the green rocks used in jewelry, from the most expensive to the more affordable. Green garnets are Demantoid garnets, a valuable green, and very lustrous type of garnet. Beside yellow, red and black, sphalerite also occurs as green stones. Due to man-made garnet's magnetic or structural properties, they are used in industrial setting and is treated as a commodity. Garnets are commonly red but also come in an extraordinary range of beautiful colors, including orange, yellow, purple and vibrant green. Rhodolite: a blend of pyrope and almandine with a distinctive purplish color. Like cymophane, the green semi-precious stones can also produce a cat’s eye effect. Green is the most common colour, but purple and colourless varieties also occur. Just like the chemically unrelated variety of jade, nephrite, jadeite is also available in white. See also Jade: Stone of Fortune. There are many different types of garnets and they can be any colour or even colourless. Both green gemstones are sourced from Brazil, from which a newly discovered, brightly colored indicolite called Paraiba tourmaline has risen to popularity, and is the most expensive of the green rocks. Agate is banded variety of chalcedony, which is a member of the quartz group of minerals. The stone turns green with chromium, yellow with titanium and purplish with vanadium. This wide variation in chemistry determines many of their physical properties. Beside yellow, white and blue, zoisite also occurs as green crystals. A good example is the green Garnet. As seen above, there are a variety of different types of garnet, and each has a different chemical composition. Demantoid Garnet. The easiest way to identify a garnet is by eye. Enstatite is a magnesium-rich mineral. Most prasiolite sold in the market are treated amethyst. A variety of fuchsite from South Africa is called verdite. Natural specimens of the green semi-precious stones are rare, with small supply coming from Brazil, Poland and Canada. The green gemstones are sometimes sold as jade. Glassy to dull in luster, the green gems are gray or dark in intensity, and indeed not very suitable for jewelry. The green gemstones come from three different garnet species. Beside yellow and white, enstatite occurs as green crystals, in which color it is known as chrome enstatite. Zircons are popular substitutes to diamonds. A variety of spodumene, hiddenite occurs as pale green crystals, first discovered in North Carolina, USA. Beautiful though they are, the green precious stones are less commonly used in jewelry compared to the other colors of sapphire. Andradite, the most lustrous of the Garnets, has the rare green Demantoid variety, the yellow … It is also considered as one of the most intensely grounding stones. The hardness of the green gemstones are very low, however, making the green stones relatively unsuitable for jewelry. The green gemstones are relatively soft, and hence not the best green gemstones for jewelry. The green gemstones may occur in association with ruby, in which case the semiprecious stone is called ruby-zoisite or anyolite. Bloodstones are green gemstones sprinkled with red intrusions, which may be red jasper. Sunstone belongs to the feldspar group of minerals, along with oligoclase, labradorite and andesine, as well as moonstone and orthoclase. The green rocks are found in Bulgaria. Moss agate is distinguished for its green inclusions, which resembles green moss against a body of milk or clear quartz. It is worth noting that multiple Garnet varieties can be the same color. Fuchsite and maripolite are varieties of muscovite, a mineral which has very low hardness. There is a great array of choices when it comes to green jewels, wider than any other color. There are bracelets too, but fewer than accessories. All of the different garnets share a common crystal structure but vary in their chemical composition. Spessartite is a nesosilicate, manganese aluminium garnet species. Either way, it’s a very powerful wealth gemstone that will definitely get rid of your limitations with regards to opportunities as well as prosperity. Though very similar in composition to azurite, which is blue, malachite consists exclusively of green semi-precious stones, which only vary in shades from bright green, dark, to yellowish. If indeed "a diamond is forever," the most primitive origins of Earth's so-called black diamonds were in deep, universal time... How do you distinguish synthetic diamond from its natural counterpart. The andradite species is further divided into the varieties topazolite and demantoid, which is the most expensive of garnets. While beautiful, the green semi-precious stones are rather soft, hence not very suitable for jewelry, and accordingly inexpensive. ​$900 - … Like cymophane, the green gemstones are also known to produce a cat’s eye effect. Color Pyrope and almandine range in color from purple to orangy red. Other more rare combination produce pink and orange color stones. The green semi-precious stones are translucent to opaque, and give off platy shimmer that is called aventurescence. Serendibite is an extremely rare gemstone, much more so the green stones, which were the only serendibite known in existence until 2005, when the black variety was discovered. Featured image credit: Cut emerald by Mauro Cateb via Wikimedia Commons, Deomar Pandan is the author of POWER BIRTHSTONE. These green rocks, however, have very limited use in jewelry, and are only mostly availed of as raw green crystals. This green gemstone is different in that moss agate lacks the concentric banding that characterizes agate. Other less noted areas are Whiteman Cr., Scuzzy Cr., Lumby, Hellroaring Cr., and Liard River Hot Springs. Garnets can be found in every color except blue, but the most commonly known color is red.

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