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1. In fact, the ideal tweet is only 100 characters, so keep your amazing #FridayEve tweet brief. Search for Tweets from any date since the first public Tweet By combining fields in advanced search, you can tailor your search results in a powerful way. The first step in getting started on Twitter is creating your account. What is Twitter about, really? Use Twitter polls or ask an open-ended question. Twitter is the place for brevity and accuracy. I tried to make them relevant to all industries but KNOW that there are more Twitter marketing tweets than anything else…that happens, I am a marketing gal through and through! 100 Great Twitter Tweet Examples is a compilation of good tweets that I have seen across the Twitterverse. Internally, it uses the half-interval search algorithm withs Twitter's advanced search tool to find the first ever tweets containing one or more search keywords. Twitter is a platform where users share their thoughts, news and all sorts of information in under 140 characters of text. The truth is that only in the past six months have I really grasped the impact of Twitter when properly used. You can even use search operators. 10 Basic Guidelines For Twitter Newbies 1. This might seem unnecessary, or even patronizing, but let me just echo the sentiments above – people will judge you on how you write, and how you spell, and this will have a direct impact on whether your links are clicked and your updates retweeted. Created by Amit Agarwal on November 21, 2014. There’s nothing worse than seeing an account that still has an egg for a profile pic. Keep your tweets short whenever possible. Twitter gives you two spaces to make an impact – your cover and profile photo. You'll learn the basics of how to use Twitter by setting up your Twitter profile, sending your first tweet, and deciding how you want to use Twitter. When creating your account, it’s important to remember that your username — or as it’s called on Twitter: your “handle,” is outward-facing and will be what the public uses to identify your business. Even if you’ve figured out how to write a novel in 280-character segments, that doesn’t mean you should. Use Twitter polls and ask questions. Increase engagement by encouraging your audience to share their opinions, thoughts, and views. Use correct spelling. Donald Trump and Melania Trump back in 2009 — the year he sent his first tweet. Clean Up Your Tweets. While I’ve never regretted the choice, I was a skeptic at first. If you're a bad speller, or struggle with grammar, consider writing your tweets in your favourite word processor first. When you open your account, Twitter's algorithm doesn't know you very well, and … This article explains how to get up-and-running with Twitter in 15 minutes or less. Updated on May 27, 2015. I joined Twitter over three and a half years ago. To join the Twitter community, you have to first understand what it's for and why it's there. Same. To avoid this “hasn’t hatched” look, upload a photo of yourself or use your logo for your profile photo. For example, you can search for Tweets containing “New Years” but excluding “Resolution” between December 30, 2013 and January 2, 2014. Close. Choose the right username. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Invite your audiences to engage with you by asking insightful and timely questions. I spent some time observing “power users” like Randy Elrod and Mike Hyatt and mimicking some of their behavior. Here are the 10 basic guidelines for Twitter Beginners. Our advice is to follow your friends and people you know, at first.

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