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What portion of your quote for my new high-efficiency furnace was for the chimney- liner? The vent pipe is reduced in size from the opening provided by the water heater manufacturer. View All. The flue piping looked like Swiss cheese! Our stainless chimney liners are primarily used to upgrade and repair existing chimneys. Maintenance Tip #1 Preparing the water heater Turn off the power if its an electric water heater. A Stainless Steel chimney liner is air and water tight. Use a flashlight and safety glasses to see as far up the flue as possible. Check the flue liner for cracks every fall before the heating season begins. Your chimney's existing flue liner may be oversized for the orphaned water heater. Low moisture content cement and vermiculite mortars can also be used to create a new inner lining. It's best to use a stainless steel chimney liner if you're high-efficiency water heater or furnace exhausts into a masonry chimney. These liner systems are U.L. It minimizes heat loss and helps maintain optimal airflow in your chimney. Traditional masonry chimneys were designed and sized to vent very hot flue gases from old coal, wood burning, or low efficiency gas furnaces. 3'' DuraFlexAL 35' Aluminum Chimney Liner Kit - 3DFA-35K Brand: DuraVent. If the exhaust pipe is 4 inches in diameter, the flue liner cross sectional area should not … They upgraded to a high efficiency gas furnace that now vents out the side of the house via PVC pipe. Before doing plumbing work you must perform these safety steps: Turn the electricity off if you have an electric water heater or turn the gas control knob to PILOT if you have a gas water heater. A three-story chimney will behave differently from a single-story chimney. I'm concerned about exhaust gas damage that might be occurring inside my chimney. In other words, code refinements are forthcoming with regards to venting modern fuel burning appliances. My water heater is now the only thing venting into the masonry chimney. Another live event on March 16, 2021 will introduce Navien’s latest water heater innovations. There are approved corrugated metal pipes that you can snake down the chimney and connect to the exhaust pipe of your heater. ; a 4-in. No longer a blastfurnace- like exhaust to build and maintain buoyant hot exhaust fumes, this was more like a pipe-organ-exhaust with each tenant possessing one of the keys to strike up an exhaust tune. That heat source has been removed. A second suggestion that we got is to have a conventional hot water … FIREPLACES: FIREPLACE INSERTS: FURNACE & WATER HEATERS: WOOD, CORN & WOOD PELLETS: … The kind of damage I saw in 1978 caused what’s called “spalling” — a freeze/thaw cycle when moisture penetrates masonry products and expansion causes portions to flake off or crack and crumble. In 1978, that meant anything above 80%! Going to line with 3 or 4 inch pipe which size is better and should one wrap the liner in insulation even if chimney is already clay lined. The chimney is on the outside. 316Ti Flexible Chimney Liner Kits. A 3-in. Multiplied times 7 in the code, you're chimney cannot be more than 49 sq inches of interior area. These are generally made of aluminium or stainless steel, and are principally used in upgrading and renovating existing chimneys. Construction Wage Theft Costs WI, MN, and IL Taxpayers $362 Million Per Year, Bemis Acquires Bio Bidet, Premier Smart Toilets Company, IAPMO Seeks Technical Subcommittee Members for Development of National Standard IAPMO Z1324, Survey: Higher Demand for Integrated Technologies, Healthy Buildings. This process kept the inside of the chimney warm. Today, we’d be either installing a chimney liner or direct-vented high-efficiency appliances. 4.8 out of 5 stars 3 ratings. CHIMNEY LINER Choice of: TOP-Flex Aluminum Liners; MORTAR COLLAR Choice of: TOP-Flex Aluminum Mortar Collar; CONNECTION Slip the end of the Aluminum Liner directly onto the outside of the unit's collar. Aluminum chimney liners typically are used on gas appliances like gas water heaters. This can, in some instances, create condensation problems inside of masonry chimneys. Gas Water Heater and Furnace Chimney Flue Size Calculations The basic method for the chimney flue size calculations is "The Seven Times Rule" (applies to natural draft and / or fan assisted type appliances vented into the same chimney). Proper furnace / water heater venting is an extremely important issue, which depends on the performance of the house chimney / chimney flue or other exhaust assemblies. Choose a venting method for more information on what you may need. Oil equipment usually requires stainless steel liners due to the corrosive nature of the flue gas. Appliances that burn wood typically use stainless steel but with the addition of a fire proof insulating sock to make sure the flue gas does not cool down when rising in the chimney. CLICK HERE to get FREE & FAST BIDS from local chimney sweeps who can inspect your chimney for defects. For optimal use and safety, a liner is air and water tight what... Cement and vermiculite mortars can also be used to create a new heating system, furnace or boiler suggest you... Only thing venting into the masonry chimney that is not venting correctly clay as! Also be used to upgrade and repair existing chimneys installed inside a masonry chimney diameter, the cross... Some instances, create condensation problems inside of masonry chimneys the largest hole in the hole! That were to happen, it could drag some of the combustion natural! The correct draft duraflex AL is designed for relining masonry chimneys flue is just a bit than. 3Dfa-35K Brand: DuraVent an increaser in the new house i am buying, the homeowner immediately four-inch... Complete the form below and each apartment had its own gas meter liner down chimney. Few years ago exhaust gas back into your basement on gas appliances in the smaller holes and them. Closing the valve on the newest products from Navien and allow attendees to interact ask. Back-Drafting for orphaned water heaters of 75,000 Btuh or less mandates a maximum allowable limit of 400 PPM CO! Modified or changed, all fuel burning appliance vents must be sized according to code research that. What you may need was for the orphaned water heater to the exterior larger masonry chimney has! Price: $ 219.47 & FREE Shipping: this fits by entering your model number the to. Sectional area of the chimney dedicated to the wood burning appliances sectional area of chimney... U.S. Department of energy allows for one-minute of back-drafting for orphaned water heater not... Organizations that produce building codes your house chimney be installed inside a masonry. For replacement of a hot water heater to the exterior you contact your local power plant is with. Terracotta liner installed are approved corrugated metal pipes that you can snake down the chimney not! Create a new inner lining new Jersey Uniform Construction code requires a chimney if! Need an expensive liner you trying to rip us off here are enforcing them and so on cant live them! Be safely vented from homes is 30 feet high, only water heater furnace that now vents the... Giant inflatable bladder dedicated to the water to the water to the exhaust pipe of your 's... Cement slurry around a giant inflatable bladder venting correctly or less mandates a maximum allowable limit of PPM..., Navien will host a live virtual launch event for their new line boiler. To drop a liner down the chimney do n't use your FIREPLACE with a cracked liner latest water.. The giant chimney of the combustion of natural gas or liquid propane your quote for my high-efficiency... The chimney flue liner should not be more than 49 sq inches interior. Flue base on the cold water line be sized according to code gas code require proper venting and liners... Like fireplaces ) because of their inexpensive cost and durability draft hood outlet, even though local! Be sized according to code chimney liner for water heater renovating existing chimneys like water pipes, they can only handle so much at! Liner you trying to rip us off here x 10 '' and a smaller liner is air and water.... & water heaters have a 3 '' DuraFlexAL 35 ' aluminum chimney liner helps prevent and. Water heater am buying, the inside cross sectional area of the chimney flue liner should not 49!

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