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In Gonna Set Your Flag On Fire, Kol, happy about his successful revenge on Rebekah, set up his new room in the compound when Klaus walked in with a bottle of Kol's favorite liquor as a peace offering. He reassured her that some crisis would come to New Orleans and bring Klaus and the family back together at some point. He told Bonnie that he wanted her to drop the veil completely for him and his new friends. In Stand By Me, Kol's body had been moved from the floor and Caroline tried to scrub out the burn marks that were left on the floor after Kol's death but was unable to remove them. Daniel is the seventh child of Mikael and Esther. He was also a co-host of the educational show Weather Ed, on the The Weather Channel. It was soon after revealed that magic was causing his heightened aggression, caused by The Ancestors, who sabotaged his revival as a way to get back at Davina, which they eventually succeeded in. He was the paternal half brother of Emil Gerard. He told them it wasn't there and that he already checked the house. Resident Evil (Ghost) (TVD)The Originals: The Awakening - Part 4 (TOA)When The Saints Go Marching In (TO). Supernatural information After finding his key, Kol realized that there was a room in the Chambre De Chasse that hadn't existed in the real world for a century, so Hope couldn't know about it and have recreated it, meaning she wasn't working alone. Family information Rebekah was furious with her brother for this, but Kol continued to explain that Silas was too powerful for them and she was in no way prepared for what would happen if he was unleashed. In Catch Me If You Can, Kol discovered the group of vampires Klaus had turned and sicked on Jeremy, in order for him to kill them so that his Hunter's Mark would grow. As of the season five premiere of The Originals, Kol and Davina are spouses. Kol wanted to dispense with any idle chat and slaughter those who had killed his brother. Klaus believed him, saying it was no doubt Finn's task. Kol, Elijah, and Klaus then went to their mother's ritual, witnessing how the spirits abandoned her, since Abby Bennett Wilson got turned into a vampire by Damon. Kol convinces Hope to perform a spell for him. Status He was the son of a slave woman and her owner, the Governor of Louisiana. However, Kol quickly showed disdain for no longer being indestructible, hating that he could get hurt and that his wounds wouldn't heal quickly, saying that it had been a thousand years since he had received a scar. Niklaus Mikaelson (Poisoned (revived by protection spell), 1st time as a Witch indirectly, by compelling Tim)) Sophie Deveraux (Throat Slit (The Harvest Ritual), 2nd time as a Witch) ) Kol Claire Mikaelson (Drained of blood (3rd time as Witch), revived by marriage link) Surprised by his brother's visit, Klaus revealed that he was actually looking for Davina, who he believed could help Hope, whose condition had grown worse since transferring the Hollow's dark magic to herself. Marcel pulled him away from danger but was struggling not to feed on him. Later, Rebekah revealed that she was leaving New Orleans, back in her witch body, in order to try and find another way to bring Kol back. He served as the primary antagonist for most of the second season. As a ghost, whether it was on The Other Side, within the Expression Triangle, or in the Ancestral Plane, he was stuck wearing the same clothing he had died in. All the witches he traveled with told apocalyptic tales about the immortal Silas, and how he would bring about the end of time. Kol turned back, telling her to give them hell. Kol said he'd need help if he was going to fix it. However, some of the vampires in the club began instantly desiccating and dying in front of them, something Rebekah hadn't seen since Kol died. While Davina was sleeping, Kol snuck into the room Davina kept the white oak stake in and found it but was confronted by Mikael. Kol included in the "always and forever" pact. He explains that he is in possession of the ashes of Kol's original body from the first time he died and that if she helps him with Mikael, he will give her the ashes as they are a necessary part of the spell to bring him back to life. Klaus tried to get Kol to wake Davina up to bring Mikael back but Kol refused, amused by Klaus's concern for Cami. He called Klaus, believing his brother was part of the scheme and despite Klaus' denial, Kol promised to go after him once he was finished with the Gilberts. Kol then stabbed Shane with a metal rod, in hopes of murdering him and ending his plan to awaken the immortal. He told her that one of the witches he had worked with was her ancestor Mary-Alice Claire and that only a Claire could open up the tomb. Love of My Life, Husband, Darling, Babe, and Baby (by Davina)Dad and Daddy (by Vivienne)Uncle K (by Nikolaus and Eden)Uncle Kol (by Hope, Grace, and Olympia)The Wildest Mikaelson (by Finn)The Happy Homicidal Maniac and The Wily Troublemaker (Both by Klaus)The Wily Fox (by Finn and Klaus)Psychotic Maniac and The Worst of the Worst (Both by himself)Selfish Prat and The Prodigal Brother (by Rebekah)Selfish Ungrateful Ass (by Dianna)Little Brother (by Freya, Finn, Elijah, and Klaus)Brother (by his siblings)Big Bro and Big Brother (by Rebekah and Henrik) However, Kol's condition seemed to be worsening and Rebekah told him she would find a way to save him. When Kol came to the school, he commented that Rebekah was worse than Klaus when seeing that she had compelled everyone. He prepared to leave, telling Davina to take his car and leave if he wasn't back by midnight. Kol Mikaelson. In Dangerous Liaisons, Kol got ready for the ball at the Mansion along with his siblings and spoke of his good looks to his sister. Finn commented that there was never hope for Kol since he had no self-control. The colors Kol wears range from gray to navy blue to black to brown. Kol continued to worsen, choking on his own blood but still managed his sly smile. Kol is marked by his dark hair and eyes. Finn teased that it was meant for their youngest brother. Killed by Despite being over a 1000-years old, he appears to be in his late teens, somewhere about 17-18. After bringing the information to Elijah and Finn, Kol was furious to find them wanting to go after her themselves, seeing it as them trying to clean up the mess they made after not destroying the white oak bullet as they should have. In The Departed, after Klaus had been desiccated by his enemies in Mystic Falls, Kol was in agreement with Elijah and Rebekah that they should be given Klaus' body since he was their family. It ended as quickly as it began and Kol went to Vincent to explain what happened. When Kol pulled himself away, he snapped out of his blind hunger and realized what he had done. Kol didn't care and asked her if she didn't hear what Shane said and that Silas would kill them all. He spat that she may think he was cursed, but maybe it was just everyone else getting involved in his business. Due to being more vulnerable and in a weaker witch body, Kol had to rely on cunning deception to win his battles.

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