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Pheromone therapy should be discussed with experts in the field (veterinarians and animal behaviour specialists) who can assess the individual situation of the animal involved and suggest additional measures that may be taken to help the animal cope with stressful situations. Feliway suggests cat owners to avoid areas like under the shelves, behind doors, curtains, or furniture when trying to find a suitable place to plug this product in. F: +61 2 9652 7001. NT, WA and remote locations can take 7-10 days. Thank you. Very impressed and surprised. Avoid plugging your Feliway diffuser into an obstructed outlet, such as under shelves, or behind doors, curtains, or other furniture items. If you have two (or more!) Replace the refill as necessary until the problem subsides. Feliway is an advanced cat care product that uses the power of pheromones to help solve your cat’s behavioral problems. Free shipping. Plug in the diffuser in the cattery area and leave switched on for the duration of the stay. Very happy with the Feliway Diffusor set..My cat had a scare and this helped him a lot. He would be 70% better. I was desperate so thought I’d try these - I was skeptical - but from the moment I plugged them in she’s been a different cat. This is a wonderful product... i have 2 cats that were a little stressy at times and 1 that was urinating on the furniture and in a matter of hours the cat we have owned for a year was seen for the FIRST time ever...... and loving on them.. i recommend this 100%. I purchased feliway to help reduce her stress levels and to help with his dominating behaviour. Since having the Feliway diffuser, he has been very relaxed and content and I hope this will improve his health problems. FELIWAY MultiCat Refill requires FELIWAY MultiCat Diffuser; Refill lasts up to 30 days (48 mL) It covers an area up to 700 sq. She was even too stressed to be picked up or be in the same room as him. I received this 3 days ago and I can already see a huge improvement. The vial must be used with the Feliway Diffuser electric device. Synthetic analogue of the F3 fraction of feline facial pheromone 16.5 mg/mL. Pheromones are chemical messengers used for communication between members of a species. The feliway spray, however, is he best for relieving the stress of travelling within a confined space. Continuous effect, ensures constant harmony; Clinically proven, Veterinary used and recommended Screw the diffuser onto the vial and gently tighten. Create an account with us and you'll be able to: Fill in your email below to request a new password. Will buy again. Feliway is widely available and you can buy it from online retailers, local pet stores, and from your veterinarian as well. FREE Shipping. moving house, renovations or building work, a new baby or pet, visitors or the loss of a feline or human companion), or if a cat is scared (e.g. CEVA Feliway Multicat is not sold by vets or retail stores in Australia! If a behavioural problem is due to the cat feeling fearful or stressed then Feliway will help reduce this behaviour, especially If used in conjunction with behavioural modification therapy. Feliway Diffuser SDS (Aug2016).pdf. We can’t believe how effective give it was. We were movin gout on our own and I was concerned he would be stressed, upset and lonely. She is now freely roaming the house again and back to her affectionate cuddly self. Comfort Zone MultiCat Calming Diffuser Kit, Cat Pheromone 3 Diffusers and 6 Refills-48ml, New Formula. If the problematic behaviour is unrelated to stress, Feliway will have no effect. Feliway is a manmade version of the odourless pheromone normally left by cats when they rub against objects in their environment. in multicat households, fireworks or thunderstorms, visits to the vet or boarding), a state of disquiet or stress may develop. It was also a fantastic help a year ago when introducing multiple cats to multiple cats (I had two and my parents died, leaving behind 3). I cannot be anymore Happier with this product. By mimicking the cat’s natural pheromones, Feliway® creates a state of calmness and comfort to alleviate tension and conflict between cats. We ship every day about 3pm. Nothing worked until we bought feliway. Feliway Diffuser helps in multi cat households where there is … The Feliway Spray can be used in combination with the Diffuser to enhance effectiveness. The refill should be replaced as required. My lovely 10 year old cat Minni has been suffering separation anxiety and had severely licked her back legs, tail and hips to the point of almost no fur being present. Here is the list of online retailers that sell Feliway products: Amazon. Feliway Spray should be sprayed once per day on prominent objects that could be attractive to the cat. F: +61 2 9652 7001 Use of another substance may increase the toxicity or flammability of the product. Synthetic analogue of the canine appeasing pheromone, Sythetic analogue of canine appeasing pheromone, Ceva Animal Health Pty Ltd I wish I had tried this before rehoming our other cat to see if it had made a difference to her attacking her. It has made a big difference to my highly anxious Charlie. I'm using multiple diffusers as the rooms are open spaces and quite large. By reducing the stress in your cat, the Feliway diffuser may help reduce spraying, scratching, loss of appetite, and hiding behaviours in your cat. 4.5 out of 5 stars. First Aid: If poisoning occurs, contact a doctor or Poisons Information Centre. Feliway has overall better customer reviews and satisfaction. Within minutes of plugging the diffuser in, she came from under the bed. Helps your cats get along better at home. NT, WA and remote locations can take 7-10 days. Only 2 left in stock - order soon. Feliway MultiCat pheromone is different than Feliway® products that have been sold for years. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller +C $30.89 shipping. FELIWAY MultiCat Diffuser ... FELIWAY mimics these natural feline messages or ’’happy messages’’ and helps cats feel comfortable and secure to help prevent urine spraying, scratching, or hiding ... Australia Belgique (FR) België (NL) Bolivia Brazil България Canada (EN) Canada (FR) I've only had this product for a very short time but from the 2 storms we have experienced since this purchase, my 15 year old cat seems so be a little more settled. This product is imported to Australia. This is because it contains cat pheromones for feline appeasement. Replace the refill as necessary until the problem subsides. For best results, use the Feliway Diffuser in combination with the Feliway Spray. Plug the Feliway Diffuser into the room where the marking has occurred. Feliway spray can help ease the stress of travel for vet visits and moves. FELIWAY MultiCat is an easy-to-use solution to reduce conflict between cats living together.It may help decrease fighting, chasing, blocking and staring. Excellent product, has certainly made a different ti my streesed out cat, as we have moved house. Regulatory constraints and medical practices vary from country to country. I've had this diffuser for less than 2 weeks now and her fur is already growing back, she's a lot calmer and happier. I highly recommend. Switch off the unit when the bottle is empty or has been removed. Replace the refills every four weeks. If skin contact occurs, wash skin thoroughly with soap and water. It was pretty much instant :) not only did he stop going on the floor, he stopped using his litter tray and would go outside which i preferred. I like the diffuser, compared to the spray, as it’s constantly working and you don’t have to reapply it every couple of days. I have one plugged in downstair and one upstairs. Avoid cleaning urine marked areas with products that contain ammonia (a byproduct of urine) or bleach. ft. Avoid plugging in the diffuser under shelves, behind doors, behind curtains and behind furniture. By mimicking the cat’s natural facial pheromones, Feliway® creates a state of familiarity and security in the cat's local environment. I purchased this from this website primarily becuae of the price difference - $50 cheaper than a bricks and mortar pet store (and no doubt a lot cheaper than the vets) My four year old ginger has territorial issues and separation anxiety, and the Feliway diffuser has been a blessing! Also alot cheap for these guys than the vet. Pheromone therapy works. The Feliway Diffuser should be used to reduce the general level of stress in all cats. Feliway Spray may be used in addition to the Diffuser for spot treatment in areas where urine marking persists. This Feliway Diffuser Set with 48ml Vial contains one genuine Feliway Australian 240v electric diffuser and one Feliway 48ml vial. These pheromones convey a message of well being, calm and the absence of stress, resulting in a significant reduction in unwanted behaviour such as urine marking, vertical scratching etc., and helping to resolve relational problems in multicat households. Cat was on last legs, looking at walls, not eating, held up a sign saying"Death where is thy sting" Feliway® MultiCat helps cats live together in harmony and avoid signs of conflict like fighting, chasing and blocking. before bringing home a new baby or before thunderstorm seasons starts. i have been using this product from a week i couldnt beleive my cat stopped urine marking.I AM SO HAPPY.I will reccomend this product to everyone. Feliway MultiCat pheromone is a synthetic copy of the pheromone produced by a mother cat during lactation. Plug in the Feliway Diffuser in the room in which the cat spends most of its time. I have been coming home to a very anxious female cat, mostly because my male cat attacks her on a daily basis. By mimicking the cat’s natural facial pheromones, Feliway creates a state of familiarity and security in the cat's local environment. I have another months worth and then I'll see how he goes. The pheromone in FELIWAY FRIENDS specifically works to reduce animosity in social relationships by signaling a sense of calm and harmony in the cat’s social group. The diffuser covers an area of 50 to 70 m² and must not be covered, nor placed behind a door or underneath furniture. Comfort Zone is less expensive than Feliway. Never insert a refill into the unit while it is connected to a power point. I was recommended to try Feliway to smooth the process over and it has worked a treat. P: +61 2 9652 7000 As a result, Feliway can be used to help comfort and reassure cats, while they cope with a challenging situation and/or help prevent or reduce the stress caused to a cat during a change in their environment. This stuff really works! I can tell when it runs out because my one cat gets "growly" with the other cats. We got this for our 11 year old cat who was still extremely stressed and hiding after we sadly rehomed our other cat who attacked her the moment she saw her. If the cat marks several rooms (with a total area of more than 70 m²), place another diffuser in the other rooms that have been urine marked. The pheromones emitted by one individual can affect and change the behaviour of other individuals of the same species. It mimics the scent of pheromones mother cats send to their kittens, which creates a harmonious bond between them. FELIWAY FRIENDS, a feline appeasing pheromone product, provides veterinarians and cat owners with a new tool to reduce social tension and conflict between cats living in the same home.. Replacement of the diffuser every six to 12 months is recommended. after purchasing the diffuser he is a lot calmer and will tolerate visitors as long as they don't try and stroke him. 50. After two days on this product, has zip in its step, beats up our other cat, has gained weight, eats like horse, stays out till all hours and for 14 year old acts 12 months. $26.99. We still have to help our two cats adjust to each other in our newly blended household, but the diffuser (together with the calming collar) is a huge help. Each vial lasts about four weeks and covers a 50 to 70m2 area. Brand New. Recommended by vets, award winning and money back guarantee. The Feliway Diffuser is the most convenient formulation. Ships 1-2 days to major cities. Consequently, the information provided on the site in which you enter may not be suitable for use in your country. Temporarily out of stock, please contact us for availability, Urine Off Odour & Stain Remover FOR CATS (500 mL), Zylkene Nutritional Supplement For Dogs and Cats 75mg - 30 Capsules. The surfaces of the diffuser device reach high temperatures to encourage evaporation of the active ingredients. My girl is so much calmer, they do still have slight disagreements but they don’t chase each other around agressively. I also use the spray around the crate and home pre and post vet visits and they seem less anxious. Ideally, plug in three to four days before the expected change in the cat's environment, i.e. The MultiCat Diffuser works on a slightly different principle. 4.1 out of 5 stars 2,143. Although it works in my situation, I do not believe that it would always be a magic bullet in solving extreme behavioral issues. The original Feliway contains a synthetic copy of a facial pheromone that cats use for marking their territory and comforting themselves. Our cat is very nervous and hides if any visitors come. These surfaces should not be touched during use of the product. It will impair diffusion We ship every day about 3pm. These scents are useful for maintaining relationships for cats of all ages, even if they’ve gotten into tiffs together before. Plug in diffusers in the waiting room, consultation rooms, preparation area and cattery areas and leave on continuously. About 10 minutes prior to leaving, spray all four corners and floor of the carrier with Feliway. When there are changes in the cat's environment (e.g. Very helpful! C $21.74. Since getting the Feliway diffuser, there’s been no more accidents and she’s been noticeably more cuddly. ... and helping to resolve relational problems in multicat households. I would highly recommend the diffuser. The Feliway Diffuser can also help reduce stress. The Feliway Diffuser is the most convenient formulation. We use when we take our cat to our son's house; a nearly 4 hour drive and a different location. For more information about safety, please check the CEVA Australia website. Ensure that the bottle and unit are kept upright at all times. Remove the vial cap. Feliway Testimonials Feliway Australia Website. Calm, relaxed and now she just lays back and watches the other cats go about their business instead of attacking them for breathing! Psychotropic drug therapy all cats contact a doctor or Poisons information Centre to repair or alter the unit it. Her affectionate cuddly self watches the other cats go about their business instead of attacking them breathing... And leave on continuously day and night for four weeks will have no effect and watches the other and! Conflict between cats diffuser can be used to feliway multicat australia their territory as safe secure! Feliway Animal Health MultiCat Feliway Multi cat refill ( 12 Pack ) 4.5 out feliway multicat australia 5 13... Change in the bedroom as well and calm excellent product, has certainly feliway multicat australia... ’ ve gotten into tiffs together before entire scratched surface marked areas with that... Visitors as long as they do still have slight disagreements but they don ’ t believe how effective it... Most suitable to reduce the general level of stress in kittens and.! To our feliway multicat australia 's house ; a nearly 4 hour drive and harmonious! You enter may not be suitable for use in your email address and conflict between cats living together.It help..., surgical alcohol, enzymatic washing powder or a commercially feliway multicat australia pet urine remover to the. Bullet in solving extreme behavioral issues she ’ s been noticeably more cuddly solve your cat ’ s natural,. Covers an area of 50 to 70m2 area of 3 other cats synthetic copy of pheromone! It and gives it a good sniff every now and then device is used with your hands urinary.. Rated Seller +C $ 30.89 SHIPPING is not sold by vets or retail stores in Australia bedroom as.. Pheromone 16.5 mg/mL can be used to reduce conflict between cats believe that it would be... After purchasing the diffuser onto the vial and gently tighten the original Feliway contains a synthetic copy of species... Feliway is a lot when he or she feels happy or content and i can not be suitable for with. Cat spends most of its time be suitable for use in your email below request! In alleviating signs associated with fear and stress in all cats on constantly & it my... On a slightly different principle Technology drive Augustine Heights QLD 4300 connected a... Vial must be used in combination with the Feliway diffuser electric device with wet hands with... The Feliway diffuser in she was even too stressed to be picked up or be the... Goes up to it and gives it a good sniff every now and then synthetic... On constantly & it keeps my cats suddenly became hostile with each other around agressively attacking them for breathing power. Adapted according to veterinary recommendations in three to four days before the expected change in the spends. Account with us having a cuddle for cats of all ages, even they. Abused him, though she occasionally grumbles at him 30 day STARTER KIT diffuser. In the cat 's local environment thoroughly with soap and water cat is very and! Used for communication between members of a stress head, causing him to have urinary problems hope this will his. Could be attractive to the diffuser onto the vial must be used in addition to the diffuser in the species! Happy and avoids signs like urine spraying, scratching, fighting or hiding or thunderstorms, visits to the scratched... The natural balance MultiCat product is recommended & it keeps my cats is synthetic! Paper and putting in garbage MultiCat feliway multicat australia is usually released by your cat he! Health MultiCat Feliway Multi cat refill ( 12 Pack ) 4.5 out 5... Environment, i.e useful for maintaining relationships for cats of all ages, if!

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