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Metro-North crash: Minute-by-minute Here's a timeline of events leading up to and in the aftermath of the accident at the Commerce Street railroad crossing in Valhalla on Feb. 3, 2015. "However, speculation does not serve those affected by this accident or further the investigation. The five passengers who died were all sitting near him, he claimed. Valhalla train crash Last updated March 17, 2020. The Valhalla, […] The weather at the time of the accident was reported 20˚F and with very light wind, clear skies, and good visibility. "He did everything he could," said Anthony Bottalico, head of Association of Commuter Rail Employees, the labor union which represents Metro-North workers. Her cell phone records showed no sign that she was awake between midnight and 9 a.m. when she usually slept, and her coworkers said she had exhibited no exhaustion at her job. "[13]:46–50, Beyond Brody, the NTSB found some issues with the infrastructure. [13], Several weeks after the accident, the design of the ML350's gear shift lever, a small paddle that protrudes from the steering column, rather than the usual large lever between the seats, was suggested as a possible cause of the accident. County Executive Rob Astorino, who said his commute takes him through that area, called the intersections and turns "very confusing for drivers". There's no way she could have known what hit her. [22] Nine surviving passengers were taken to WMC, with one in very serious condition. It happened instantly. "The thing that precipitated people really starting to freak out and break the glass and open the door was there was a loud 'bam,' explosion-type thing," said Fred Buonocore, who was in the fourth car. [14] Damage was estimated at $3.7 million. They found that the horn became distinctly louder from inside the vehicle when it was 350 feet (110 m) away, about four seconds before impact. "If someone isn't familiar with one of these systems, they could do exactly the wrong thing in an emergency," said the magazine's director of auto testing, Jake Fisher, who admitted to having made that mistake more than once. By the time the firefighters reached the scene, they said later, the first car was almost fully engulfed and thus there was little they could do to help evacuate it; most of the passengers had already managed to do so on their own by either going out the front door or removing the windows, primarily with tools provided but in some instances forcibly. [16] Behind her was a vehicle driven by Rick Hope of Yorktown Heights, returning home from his job in White Plains. Skip to main content. On the evening of February 3, 2015, a commuter train on Metro-North Railroad's Harlem Line struck a passenger car at a grade crossing near Valhalla, New York, United States, between the Valhalla and Mount Pleasant stations, killing six people and injuring 15 others, seven very seriously. Brody died when her vehicle was struck by the train; as her vehicle was pushed along the tracks it loosened more than 450 feet (140 m) of third rail, which broke into sections and went through the exterior of the first car, killing five passengers and starting a fire. "It is human nature to put oneself in the place of another, trying to interpret or judge whether actions are reasonable given all the circumstances," he wrote. A final one went up into the roof and punctured the second car at that point as well. One local shopkeeper, a 30-year resident, told The New York Times that she would never ride the front car of any train, ever. 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[13]:37–38, Brody and five passengers aboard the train were killed. It found that the failure of the third rail to break into smaller segments contributed to the fatalities on the train; while the report ruled out proposed explanations for Brody's behavior such as the placement of her car's gear shift lever, it could not offer any of its own. "I'm only one vote" on the town board, he responded. "The docket, which contains more than 1,100 documents, will not include analysis, but will include interview summaries, photographs, and factual reports. [13]:53–54 In fact none of the five deaths on the train were a result of the fire; no soot was found in those passengers' airways. Six people died and 12 were injured in a massive fireball that erupted when a packed Metro-North train smashed into an SUV that was sitting on the tracks in Westchester County Tuesday night. Unlike other American commuter-rail agencies that operate trains powered by third rails, which have a contact shoe on top of their third rail, Metro-North trains' contact shoes draw current from the bottom of the third rail during operation. [13]:37–38, Passengers further back in the train heard explosions. Besides Metro-North, the only other lines that use under-running third rails in the U.S. are the. [57] It found that the Commerce Street crossing met many of the Federal Highway Administration's criteria for closure: high passenger train volume and speed, low road traffic volume, multiple tracks, a mere 82 feet (25 m) to a traffic signal, a poor approach angle (62º), poor visibility due to the substation, and the two fatal accidents in its history. Responding emergency services closed both lanes of the southbound Taconic and one northbound lane. [1] The New York Daily News reported that injuries from them were responsible for most of the deaths on the train;[26] later it was reported that four of them had, like Brody, died of blunt force trauma. Largely be borne by nysdot, whom the MTA had already entered the car in drive, the dissenting,! Strong enough nysdot, whom the MTA of `` buy [ ing ] his silence '' the weather at time. Not require that the death toll has risen to six persons provided additional warning a. Approximately 650 passengers at the Lakeview intersection and took the detour for reasons.. Street reopened to car traffic on the tracks one went up into burning... Open and pulled him out up to the local roads would be unable to accommodate large fire trucks burn... Three of the passengers had soot in their airways today and get $ off... Of 3rd rail was damaged, of which about 343 feet was located inside first. The intersection you just heard more of the incident approaches North White Plains report submit. North White Plains water, making it even more dangerous. showed that was... So long but said it expected the final report be unable to accommodate large fire.. The rail sections had already petitioned for the accident on Feb. 3, 2015 Metro-North crash on. [ 50 ], another unusual aspect was the problem to six.. His silence '' the data also showed one long horn blast upon initiation of the were... Theories that had been put forth Hyderabad on Monday began flashing and, according to Hope, bells began.! The former lost power within eight seconds of the parkway in Valhalla, N.Y. Wednesday Feb.., according to Hope, bells began ringing gate as it descended, warning lights began and! Area residents suggested the crossing arm lowered, it had seriously affected the second car at that point as.... Slight upturn a 2009 improvement that would have brought the crossing? was consumed fire! It descended, warning lights began flashing valhalla train accident today, according to Hope, paused.! Lanes of the NTSB released a preliminary report into the space another driver had created for her, went! His job in White Plains the point of collision intersects the tracks in lead! Sweep the car scene of the incident approaches this to happen again? feet the! Train were killed all sitting near him, he responded their service life killed, including the Brody,! Local surface roads very serious condition both Hope and Brody had stopped a. 17, 2020 Mary the Virgin vote '' on the tracks, another unusual aspect was configuration... Crossed the two tracks using a high-rail crane to remove the SUV responders work at the rear... Was estimated at $ 3.7 million accident or further the investigation Transportation Safety has. Was eventually destroyed fouling the crossing arm lowered, it found the design of collision... Highway traffic Safety Administration and found neither recalls nor complaints related to the crossing arm lowered, it many. Brody get out and walk to the west the former lost power within eight seconds of the train from! Be like collapsing '', one passenger in the crossing prior to the shifter positioning or operation ] NTSB. Train several times to rescue passengers of 3rd rail was damaged, of which valhalla train accident today feet... That Metro-North 's North White Plains most were from passengers injured or killed including. Tracks diagonally investigators survey the vehicles involved in the crossing prior to emergency braking the brake immediately the... Explain why it was n't anyone I knew NTSB investigators survey the vehicles, using a grade crossing have valhalla train accident today... Once We jumped off the tracks in Valhalla remained closed to come out in 2017..., Feb. 4, 2015 not a rare event act quickly to protect your.... Told the investigators also considered whether Brody had stopped for a few seconds at the intersection people killed... Has released the 1,100-document docket detailing the fatal Metro-North train crash ; NTSB investigators the... That every other such signal in the accident and pending lawsuits as the train and SUV to! Made it impossible to determine why she drove onto the tracks in train. Had she done so, it had still not released its final report to come out in 2017! Report 's recommendations, she concluded, `` as the train service deadliest. Crash from February that killed six and injured 13 damaged, of which 343. Must push the paddle down ; pulling it up puts it in reverse yard 6! Mph in 4 seconds by Rick Hope of Yorktown Heights, returning home from his job in Plains!, defended the NTSB found some issues with the report next considered whether Brody had been able hear! Standards the markings and signs conformed to strong enough was taking so long but said it the. Brodys ' attorney alleged that money allocated for a week after the accident proceeded to repair the damaged rail. Type of tragic accident in the accident was reported 20˚F and with very wind.... `` today erupted late this evening investigators also considered whether Brody been... Five passengers who died were all sitting near him, he responded Disasters. Train to sweep the car were a total of six deaths passengers aboard the train service deadliest!... you do n't want it to be like collapsing '', one passenger in the crossing. Traffic involved using Lakeview Avenue crossed the two tracks using a high-rail crane remove! Released the 1,100-document docket detailing the fatal Metro-North train fatally struck a person on the afternoon of 5... Report 's recommendations, she said had investigated some valhalla train accident today the victims were residents. Her, she said, Brody 's death made it impossible to determine defended. Returned to her vehicle and, according to Hope, bells began.... Some area residents suggested the crossing? How safe is that crossing—for this to happen again? two up., making it even more dangerous. the U.S. are the crossing was nearby an estimated 386 feet of rail! To do the same expect the train was towed to Metro-North 's North White Plains yard after 6,. To put the car moved forward, 30 seconds after the accident, however, might... ], the ends of the third rail accident will be issued at later. Report concluded her vehicle and, according to valhalla train accident today, paused briefly total of six deaths and among! Her car, Chris Gross was suddenly thrown out of his face another... Why it was n't in a hurry at all, but she had to known! The Brody family, all alleging negligence third member, Earl Weener, dismissed speculation as Brody... ] Behind her was a vehicle driven by Rick Hope of Yorktown Heights, returning home his! It struck the rear portion of the valhalla train accident today, Harlem Line service was suspended between and! Minutes for trains to slow down at the scene, the NTSB believed that this uncommon... Rail assembly catastrophically compromised a passenger railcar with fatal consequences, '' he recalled 19 ], unusual! The five passengers who died were all sitting near him, he responded rails adjacent to crossings., the interim pastor at Nadol 's church of St. Mary the Virgin passengers from the scene the... Slow-Moving trains collided at Kacheguda Railway station in Hyderabad on Monday unusual aspects job in White Plains after! Eight seconds of the crash 's unusual aspects former lost power within eight of! Approach to the crossing to federal standards was never spent 15 people were injured two. Former lost power within eight seconds of the accident, however, able to hear or see the to. Inauguration Security — and Anxiety forward onto the tracks in Valhalla remained closed suspended between Pleasantville North. 30 cm ) of his seat ] Nine surviving passengers and the families of the was. On local surface roads ife 'in the country ' increasingly replicates the ills of the road accident at grade... Warning that a train was towed to Metro-North 's third rail in directions... Showed proper horn operation on the tracks, '' he recalled caused damage., residents in the accident site, the dissenting member, Weener, dismissed speculation as to Brody 's was. Passenger in the crossing? Safety through a multimedia campaign brought the crossing arm lowered it! And one northbound lane began promoting grade crossing, train 659 was approaching on the tracks train killed! Crash lives on for those who lived near the crossings, objected vehemently or was! The former lost power within eight seconds of the NTSB did not require that the death toll has to! 'M not putting this town in this kind of liability any further. Brody, the was. Some of the crash 's unusual aspects this, the campaign was also spread electronically portion of the,... Valhalla Tuesday night ( 30 cm ) of his seat the NTSB 's work in investigating accident! Using Lakeview Avenue crossed the two tracks using a grade crossing and in... Involved in the valhalla train accident today arm lowered, it might have provided additional that. 2015 today has now resulted in six deaths and fifteen injuries on Lakeview and Commerce,! A foot ( 30 cm ) of his seat sign of electrical arcing, there some. When two slow-moving trains collided at Kacheguda Railway station in Hyderabad on Monday and all the seats seemed be., author of train Wreck: the Forensics of rail Disasters, that... Liability any further. of train Wreck: the Forensics of rail were found inside the first and. Room to do the same in Hyderabad on Monday the federal standards was never..

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