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It works best when you have a strong, reliable Wi-Fi connection. When you call an access number you need to provide your Rebtel registered phone number and PIN code to identify yourself. We want to help you avoid those extra charges as much as possible! How to create a Rebtel account, Web or App Rebtel in Your Country. If your device is an older model and doesn’t support the latest version of our app you can also call using an Access Number or Shared Local Numbers if you live in a Rebtel Country. Select Cuba by clicking on the little flag icon. Web-based Calling is under development. To learn how to call with shared local numbers please read this article. English. Calling with Shared Local Numbers is essentially a shortened version of calling with an access number. Positive & Negative Reviews: Rebtel: Cheap International Calls - 10 Similar Apps, 6 Features, 6 Review Highlights & 164,957 Reviews. Free international calls to other Rebtel users 3. Rebtel team, your app is good but there is no option to conference more than one number which is the biggest problem for a person who tries to connect their family who is out of the country. Voxbone helps Rebtel do things differently and turn international telephony on its head by providing local phone numbers in 50+ markets and APIs. Why can't I call with a hidden number? Furthermore, the user doesn’t need to install the Rebtel application to use the local access number service. It will only allow you to call using your Wi-Fi. The calling option being used will be displayed for you while the call connects. This is perfect when you have an unlimited data plan and want to call your family on the go! How do I transfer my domain to Rebel? +1 (866) 299 7077. Read our. This option connects your calls through your mobile operator as if it were a local call, so you will be charged at local rates through your mobile carrier. Can`t find an access number in your area? +1 billion minutes a year! You can still make calls to the Local Numbers you have already created, they will appear here again soon. ... Rebtel is an international calling app also available on android. If you are traveling and want to call internationally with Rebtel, select the "travel mode" option to avoid additional fees and roaming charges. These calls are made via your internet connection, so you won’t be charged through your mobile operator. For Calls within or to USA, Canada or Caribbean: Dial the 1 + area code + phone number Example: 1 + 312 + 555 + 1212 Rebtel Features International calls Using Access Numbers: Rebtel is one of the VOIP vendors, that connects international calls through local landlines. Then dial in the international phone number of your friend (including the country code) and press the hash key “#”. Clicking on it will open up the dial screen. Select Cuba by clicking on the little flag icon. The server responded with {{status_text}} (code {{status_code}}). 1. The access number serves as an pass-through source that connects your calls. Pricing Guide; Calling Cards; International Calling Guide; Access numbers; Mobile Top Up; Nauta; Help. ... About Us. Scroll through the list of Rebtel access numbers and choose one that is local to you. When you find your access number, click the number to start calling. Select the number you wish to call. Choose a Rebtel Access Number That is Local to You, How To Use Rebtel Access Number to Call International, BOSS Revolution FREE International Minutes, Boss Revolution International Calling Plans. ... getting the prompt that says "that you do not have any credit left to your account" due to you are calling through the "Access number". Call your “Access number”. Including the country code, a Cuban number should be 10 digits long! When you call that number from your registered Rebtel phone number we know it’s you and we know who you want to call, so we connect you to your international contact directly. Make sure the number is in international format! Worst service in the world.Without providing service detecting amount from debit card and their is no access for payment setting. Check here to see if your country of residence is included. For calls using a toll free access number, please add: 4¢/minute for calls made from mobiles and landlines. Most people have unlimited calling plans nowadays so the cost of calling the local access number is essentially free. What do I do if I get a low credit message? What do I do? You can see the full list of rates is here, and there's also a 4p connection charge. It offers users the ability to call international numbers without … +53 XX XXXXXX. The auto-connect feature connects your calls automatically using the strongest connection available to provide you with the best call quality. The app will select the best option if you’ve left the calling setup on Auto, and connect your call. I'm looking for other service providers in the market who is providing conference call for India I was charged for the 2nd month cycle but, basically it was my mistake not to have deleted the account since, I forgot the pin. To learn how to call with Access numbers please read this article. Continue to enter your password to get to your account. Our app is available on both Android and iOS. Clicking on it will open up the dial screen. Make sure the number is in international format!

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