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A typical e-beam resist is PMMA of which the solubility changes upon irradiation of e-beam. Also on the market is a desktop TEM from Delong America, the LVEM5 (Fig. RGD peptides were then introduced to the substrate, binding to the PEG locations. The facility is a Leica VB6 UHR EBL machine located at the Cavendish Laboratory. Projektionseinheit (Fokussierung). Data taken from T. Niizeki, H. Kubota, Y. Ando, T. Miyazaki, Nanofabrication of magnetic tunnel junctions by using electron beam lithography, J. Magn. Clinical Chemistry Analyzers. Systeme mit niedriger Auflösung können Glühkathoden nutzen, meist auf Basis von Lanthanhexaborid (LaB6). For example, it is very common to convert an electron microscope into an EBL system using low cost accessories (

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